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Smash Through Creative Blocks |

A little breakdown by the problem. Names the problem so you can fix it. Helpful!

40+ Beautiful Easter Wallpapers » DJDESIGNERLAB – Find All Your Design Inspirations From This Laboratory

A little inspiration for you easter bunnies, or just spring lovers. Decorate your background.

Learn Adobe Illustrator: All the Basics for Beginners | Vandelay Design Blog

Now that you have learned photoshop, how about illustrator? It will quickly become your best friend for things like type manipulation and illustrations.

5 High Quality Photoshop Tutorial Websites | Acuity Designs

In need of a photoshop tutorial and can’t find it? Try these sites. They have some great guides and inspiration.

When the Blind Design: 10 Websites that Just Shouldn’t Exist

A funny list to make you shake your head and wonder what they were thinking.

Guide to Twitter - The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter

MUST READ! Twitter is becoming an unavoidable force in the design world. If you are not using it then you are missing it. It offers so much to so many. You can follow your favorite designers and find out what they are working on. You can get free resources from anything from free fonts to vector images, psds, tutorials, and so much more! Check it out today!

Amazing Gothic Fonts, All for Free!

Because gothic fonts are cool too (most fonts really). There are ones on here from Charmed, Buffy, Van Helsing, and more…Check it out.

50 Stunning Typography Wallpapers For Inspiration

Because I have a serious love of typography and find these very inspiring!

Innovatory USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drive Designs | Themeflash

Check out these funky USB drives. I love fun stuff on the weekends. :-D

The Lost Principles of Design | Fuel Your Creativity

Design principles are still important! Read this for a nice looking refresher in design principles.